Nursery Rhymes: To spank or not to spank

I recently got a call from a nursery leader who went on vacation and came back to find her class had been a vortex of chaos in her absence. Actually, it wasn't that bad. But her mild-mannered assistant, who grew up during an era when spanking was an appropriate form of schoolroom discipline, had swatted the backside of a perpetually aggressive nursery child.

This mode of discipline was uncharacteristic of their nursery and everyone involved wasn't sure how to react. The parents of the spankee were fairly new to the ward and no one was certain of their personal philosophies on redirecting their son's aggression.

Upon hearing a description of the spanking incident from a substitute assistant Sunday night, the Primary president chose to call the nursery leader for advice before informing the parents. Some involved in the analysis of the "situation" hoped the parents would be OK with the one-time method of strict discipline, others were worried the family would be appalled and leave the ward with their testimonies in the dust.

In defense of the spanker, apparently, it worked. The boy settled down and the parents did not need to be disrupted from other classrooms in the church.

While the chemistry of every nursery is unique and continually evolving, it doesn't hurt to have a standard discipline plan in place for all to understand and act upon.

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