On Top of Tithing

Dear Dave, As a Christian, I always give to my church. I was wondering if you think it's okay to also give to local causes, such as animal shelters, scholarship funds and other things. Annie Dear Annie, Certainly, it's okay. I think people should give to lots of different things if they've been blessed. As a Christian, you probably know that you're called to tithe. That means one-tenth of your income - off the top and before anything else - should go to your church. Beyond that, anything you give is an offering, which is over and above the tithe. When it comes to offerings, our family picks several ministries and non-profit organizations around the community and gives generously to them rather than sending small amounts to more places. Giving is a lot more than just moving money from your wallet to the collection plate or a charity. It's a matter of caring, and realizing there are others who are less fortunate than you. Give freely of your money AND your time and talents, Annie. The more people you help, the more joy you will experience! - Dave
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