One Latin Translation That Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Church's "Come, Follow Me" Curriculum

What does spending, sacrifice, responsibility, and learning have to do with each other?

I learned during Sunday School that all of these words seem to be connected in a significant way. These words all shed light on why learning is our own responsibility.

Come Follow Me Curriculum Is Inspired and Inspiring

On the first Sunday of January, I sat with my friends (brothers and sisters) in my ward to discuss the topic, “We are responsible for our own learning.” The ideas, experiences, testimonies, and thoughts they shared inspired and encouraged me, just as we would expect a great Sunday School experience should do.

Words Matter Because They Can Reveal Truth

As we discussed I wondered what the etymological root meaning, or origin, of the word responsible was. My go-to source is the Online Etymology Dictionary.  The root meaning of responsible surprised me.  And the meaning taught me some incredible insights.

The ancient Latin word respondere means “to respond, to answer to, promise in return.”

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Dr. Taylor Halverson

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