Orson Scott Card on our Mormon 'tribe'

Back when personal computers stood alone on your desk, not connected to anything, you couldn't download anything from the Internet. The equivalent of freeware on the Web was the computer magazine with BASIC programs for you to type in manually.

I worked at one of those magazines for a while -- it's what took me to Greensboro, N.C. After I went back to freelancing, I bought a program called PC-USA, mostly so I could write a review of it. It consisted of maps of all 50 states, with facts about them.

Computers were so primitive then that the maps weren't much. In fact, I wrote a much better one myself -- as a type-in program for the PCjr. Remember that one? The book I wrote the program for was as dead as the PCjr before it even came out.

When I installed PC-USA on our computer at home, my kids gravitated to it, and that was a good sign. We left them alone with it.

After a while, though, my wife and I noticed something odd. The kids had been dinking around with it for half an hour and they still hadn't looked up North Carolina.

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