Preparing to Receive New History of Relief Society...

In my opinion Julie Beck's recent talk given at the 2011 BYU Women's Conference is a preface to the new Mormon Church book -- Daughters of My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society. And so in preparation to reading the book, last night I decided to, once again, go through the transcript... but this time I extracted specific quotes that would give me somewhat of an outline as to what I might expect to see in the new history -- that would better help me to both receive the history as intended, and understand the significance of what has been included -- and perhaps, what is not. After doing so, I decided that I would post what I pulled out of her talk and share it here.

I doubt that I'm alone in my feeling somewhat apprehensive about what will actually be included in this new Relief Society history. Of note, is the fact that this is the only authorized history of the LDS women, in the Church. That's significant! And because of this significance, as an LDS Woman, I personally feel a need to prepare myself to receive it in the proper spirit.

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