President Nelson Shares How Membership in South America Has Grown by 4M Times in His Lifetime: "The Best Is Yet Ahead"

What fascinating insights from our prophet as he continues his ministry around the world.

Looking across the crowded convention center hall in Asunción, Paraguay, President Russell M. Nelson spoke to the thousands of brightly-clad Latter-day Saints about the miracle unfolding before them.

There was not one Church member in South America at the time of the 94-year-old prophet’s birth in 1924. Today, South America’s diverse and capable Latter-day Saint membership numbers more than 4 million, said President Nelson during the meeting, held at the Bourbon Hotel Convention Center.

“And the best is yet ahead,” said President Nelson, speaking to reporters after the event. “We are just looking at the beginning now. It is a process.”

Paraguay is the third stop on the South American global ministry tour — which began Oct. 20 in Lima, Peru, with members and missionaries meetings as well an official visit with the Peru President Martin Vizcarra. The following day, Oct. 21, President Nelson addressed an evening devotional in La Paz, Bolivia.

Lead image from Church News by Jeffrey D. Allred
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