Primary Activity Idea

*Preparation:* Review Lesson 46 and scripture account and discussion in the Primary 4 Book of Mormon manual. *Activity:* show the children that the Bible is one witness of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon is another witness, showing signs of his birth. Search the scriptures to find the signs of Jesus Christ's birth seen in Bethlehem and in America (Luke 2:6-14; Matthew 2:12; and 3 Nephi 1:21), and other signs given in America. *Signs of his coming star ornament:* To Make: Print, color, and cut out the Star Ornament for each child. Fold stars back-to-back and glue. Poke hole at top, string thread through, and tie to hang on tree. *Thought Treat (when appropriate):* Star-shaped cheese sandwich (open-faced). Cut out a slice of bread and American cheese in a star shape. Place cheese on top of bread to serve. Tell children that the star was a sign that Jesus Christ is born.
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