Primary October Sharing Time: Serve with Heart, Might and Mind

This sharing time will involve the children in a scriptural activity that will help them learn more about serving others. Preparation: Review the scripture stories listed below. On three large sheets of paper make a simple drawing of a heart, a head, and an arm with a large muscle. Make word strips with the following names: WOMAN IN THE CITY; OLIVER COWDREY; KING BENJAMIN; JESUS CHRIST; EMMA SMITH; AMMON; SHADRACH, MESHACH, AND ABED-NEGO; MORMON; CAPTAIN MORONI. If desired, obtain pictures of the people mentioned. Post the three drawings at the front of the room. Place the word strips on a table or around the room. Presentation: Have a child read D&C 4:2. (Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.) Discuss what serving with your heart could mean. (Ideas might include, loving the Lord and those you are serving, being kind, showing compassion for others.) Discuss what serving with your might and strength could mean. (Ideas might include, physically helping others, doing chores, working hard.) Discuss what serving with your mind could mean. (Ideas might include, using your brain and talents to help others and share the gospel.) Point out the three pictures. Tell the children that the heart represents serving with your heart, the head represents serving with your mind, and the muscle represents serving with your might. Explain that you will be learning about people in the scriptures and seeing the ways they served. Ask a child to select a word strip. Briefly retell that person's story (and show their picture if you have one). You may choose to have a child read a portion of the scripture about that person. Let the children decide if they served with their heart, might, or mind. Post the word strip under the appropriate picture. Continue with the remaining word strips. (Many of these stories could fall into more than one category, but a suggested category is listed with each story.) Woman in the City. (Heart) See Luke 7:37-38. A woman who loved Jesus brought a box of expensive ointment to the place he was staying. She washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. Then she anointed his feet with the ointment. Oliver Cowdrey. (Mind) See Joseph Smith-History 1:66-67. Oliver Cowdrey was a teacher and good at reading and writing. He was prompted by the Lord to travel to the place Joseph and Emma Smith lived. Oliver used his talents by writing down the words as Joseph translated the gold plates. King Benjamin. (Might) See Mosiah 2:12, 14. King Benjamin was the king over the Nephites, but he didn't expect the people to take care of him. He loved the people and "labored" with his hands to serve them. Jesus Christ. (Heart) See Luke 7:12-15. As Jesus was coming into a city, he saw a dead man being carried out. His mother was a widow and very sad that her son had died. Jesus comforted her and brought the son back to life. Emma Smith. (Mind) See D&C 25:11-12. Emma was asked by the Lord to create a hymn book for the members of the church. She used her knowledge and talents to select the hymns, so the Saints could sing in their meetings. Ammon. (Might) See Alma 18:8-12; 19:25. When Ammon was sent to be a missionary in the land of the Lamanites, he chose to be a servant to the king. He helped tend the flocks of sheep and took care of the king's horses. By serving the king, he was also able to teach the Lamanites the gospel. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. (Heart) See Daniel 3:14, 16-18. King Nebuchadnezzar wanted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego to worship gold statues instead of God. They loved Heavenly Father and knew it was wrong to worship anyone but Him. They were willing to serve God even though they knew they would be thrown into a fiery furnace if they didn't do as the king told them. God saved them from the fire. Mormon. (Mind) See Mormon 1:1; 3:20-21. Mormon made a record of all the things that had happened to his people. He engraved the record on plates and called it the Book of Mormon. He wrote these things down, so we would have a knowledge and testimony of Jesus Christ. Captain Moroni. (Might) See Alma 43:16-17; 50:1-6. Moroni was made the captain over the whole Nephite army. He worked hard to make all the people safe from the Lamanites by creating walls and towers around the cities. Bear your testimony of thejoy we can receive when we serve others. Sing songs that help teach the message of service, such as "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," (CS, 78); "I Will Be Valiant," (CS, 162); and "I Have Two Little Hands," (CS, 272).
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