Protesters picket proposed Phoenix Temple

Dozens of protesters picketed services at a Phoenix LDS church on Sunday.

Thirty people lined a north Phoenix intersection, letting passing drivers know of their opposition to the church building a temple.

"We respect their right to worship, this isn't about religion," said Scott Anderson, spokesperson for the Little Deer Valley Homeowners Association.

"What it's about is a building that's incompatible with the neighborhood," Anderson said.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wants to build a new, nearly 10,000 square-foot temple adjacent to their current building at 51st Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Parkway.

But neighbors like Don Egigian have problems with the proposal.

"Their impact as far as making our neighborhood better is zero," Egigian said.

Neighbors say, for one, the temple will bring in additional traffic which they claim the roads in the area can't handle.

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