RM and new Giants recruit talks personality on the field and off

Bryan Kehl, a clean-cut Giant, wore white sneakers, white Bermuda shorts and a faded T-shirt with the words “Mecca, USA.” He looked rather preppy, like a man on his way to the club to hit a few tennis balls.

“Coach Coughlin makes fun of me,” Kehl said Sunday, referring to his shirt and what Coach Tom Coughlin had voiced about it. “He calls it pink. But I told him, No, coach, this is salmon.”

It is not the only opinion Kehl has heard lately from the coaching staff. A second-year linebacker, Kehl has a chance this season to take over the first-string role on the weak side, at least until Michael Boley recovers from hip surgery.

But the coaches want to see more aggressiveness from Kehl than he showed in his rookie season. He described his new style as “bad-mouth, hit-in-the-throat, head-butt-you” but quickly added, “Off the field, I’m not that guy at all.”

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