Relief Society Lesson 39: Divine Organization of Women

This is a lesson I find rather challenging, so I’m going to suggest a couple of ways to approach it.

The first part of this lesson talks about the founding of the Relief Society. One way to focus the lesson could be historical—most Latter-day Saints are familiar with (and can possibly even recite) all the presidents of the church, but we don’t generally know as much about what different Relief Society presidents have done, and I think that could be fun to learn. A possible source could be Derr, Cannon, and Beecher’s Women of Covenant—please feel free to mention other possible resources in the comments. To tie this back to the lesson, you could bring in this kind of historical material as illustration of some of the ideals outlined here, as a way of understanding better what they meant to earlier generations of women in the church.

Another approach could focus on people’s individual experiences with Relief Society. This is a subject about which the people in the class have a lot of firsthand knowledge, so draw on that. What role does the Relief Society actually play in people’s lives? What parts do they like? Are there aspects they find challenging? When they do attend, why do they do so? If there have been times when they’ve avoided Relief Society, what were the reasons for that?

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