Relief Society Lesson#43: “He Was a Prophet of God”

Contemporaries of Joseph Smith Testify of His Prophetic Mission.

As an overview, this lesson is divided into four main sections that I’ve summarized below:

  1. Like his contemporaries, we too can have a testimony of Joseph Smith
  2. Joseph Smith was an example of developing a Christ-like character
  3. Joseph taught the Plan of Salvation with Clarity and Power
  4. We can treasure the words and live the principles Joseph Smith taught

My main objective is taken from the subtitle of the lesson, which is about Joseph Smith’s prophetic mission. The theme that I see woven throughout the different sections is the way that Joseph Smith was called to his mission, and the way he lived in accordance with that mission. As a lesson objective, you may want to encourage sisters to identify their key spiritual missions. Throughout the lesson, point out ways they can live to strengthen the missions to which they have been called.

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