Salt Lake Temple Surrounded by Lightning + 5 More Unbelievable Pictures of Temples with Lightning

Unbelievable Pictures of Temples Surrounded by Lightning

After an aggressive storm swept through Utah this weekend, some epic photos of the weather started emerging on social media. Among them was this stunning photo of the Salt Lake Temple surrounded by lightning. 

This awe-inspiring photo caused me to wonder if there were any other photos of temples in the middle of lightning storms. Here are some of my favorites:

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Photo of the St. George Utah Temple by Krista Payne Photography, retrieved from Pinterest.
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Photo of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple by Scott Winterton, from the Deseret News.

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Photo of a bolt of lightning striking the angel Moroni atop the Bountiful Utah Temple by Brittany Haslam, retrieved fromKSL.

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Photo of the Mount Timpanogos Temple by Jaron Lindlow from Wikimedia Commons.
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