School Supplies and a Fireside

by | Sep. 01, 2006

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Jenny and her choir, who perform a fireside for missionaries, wards, and stakes around the world, will be touring the islands of Upolu, Savai’I, and Apia where living conditions are very difficult. Karla Carter, a member of the Church in Samoa who set up the tour, warned Jenny that she would be shocked when she saw see the level of poverty that many face in Western Samoa. Karla also told Jenny that her son, Jonah, was very fortunate to be going to school in the United States—in Samoa they do not have the resources like they do in the States. Many of the schools in Western Samoa do not have even the most basic school supplies.

Karla’s comments made Jenny think about how she could help. “I started asking Karla what we could do and then the next day my son, Jonah, woke up and wanted to help,” Jenny says. “He knew the kids in his class would bring crayons and pencils to help.” Jonah, age six, came up with the idea that he would ask his kindergarten classmates to bring crayons for the school children in Western Samoa. Jonah gave a presentation in his class in May about the Samoan service project and organized a crayon drive at Orchard Elementary, his school in North Salt Lake, Utah.Jenny and her family have collected workbooks, notebooks, crayons, pencils, flash cards, and games to take with them on tour. They are also welcoming donations so they can buy larger items such as chalkboards and desks when they arrive in Samoa. Donations will also go towards school repairs and other needed supplies.  

If you would like to learn how you can donate and help, visit for more information.

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