Seasonal Jobs for Kids


1. Clean Barbecues

Use a grill brush to scrape off debris and grimy build-up. There are many different grill brushes, so be sure to select one that is suited to the surface you will be cleaning. When you are finished cleaning the inside of the barbecue, polish the outside and replace any briquettes that have cracked or are collecting grease.

2. Wash Cars Inside and Out

Go beyond a regular street corner car wash. Advertise that you can give the cars a fine, detailed cleaning. Pay close attention to windows. Wash and dry the inside and outside of each one carefully, leaving them sparkling and streak free. Dust the dashboard and control panel. Use disinfecting wipes to clean the door handles, armrests, and the steering wheel. Vacuum the floors and seats thoroughly.

3. Start a Lawn Care Business

A lot of kids want to mow lawns for money in the summer, so you need to make your services stand out. Include edging and trimming services in addition to mowing the lawn. Start at one corner of the yard and pay attention to keeping your lines parallel and straight to create a professional, diagonal stripe in the lawn.

4. Host a Story Hour

Organize a neighborhood story hour once or twice a week. For a reasonable fee, parents could send their children to your home to listen as you read a new book aloud. You might also consider putting on puppet shows or short plays.


1. Tutor

Tutoring takes a lot of dedication, patience, and planning. You need to be able to listen to your students and encourage them to ask questions, making sure that they understand everything before you move ahead. Be kind, follow up with them on previous sessions, and give generous praise. The most important thing you can do is make your students feel comfortable. Parents will be impressed and spread the word.

2. Help with the Harvest

Try picking produce on farms or in orchards, or simply help your neighbors harvest their gardens. To go the extra mile (and get extra money), help get the food ready for storage by washing, canning, or drying it. You can also prepare the garden for winter by removing old plants and picking up rotten fruit or vegetables.

3. Organize a Bake Sale

Aim for variety. Provide some non-baked goods, such as hot chocolate, wassail, candy, or cookie mix. Try decorating baskets or plates of treats with gift tags. This will allow you to sell more at a time and give customers a chance to buy great homemade gifts for their friends.

To maximize profit, gather a good-sized team of your friends. Divide the work and expenses into equal portions, and then split the profits evenly.

4. Rake Leaves

Ask your customers if they would like you to bag the leaves and remove them, or if they would prefer you to leave them in piles for their children to play in. Offer to spread the leaves in your customers' gardens or make a home composting station. Decomposing leaves can make a good fertilizer.


1. Make Holiday Cards

Create distinctive homemade cards to sell as the holidays draw near. Remember that people who want perfect cards can just waltz over to the nearest store and buy some, so your cards will sell better if they are original and have a simple, homespun feel to them.

Use different types of paper in as many textures and colors as you can find. Keep all of your scrap paper and use it to embellish your cards. You can also try using clipart, pictures, stickers, glitter, and other trinkets to make your cards unique and beautiful.

2. Master the Art of Gift-wrapping

Offer to wrap presents for your neighbors. You'll be amazed at how many people take you up on it.

Make sure you suit the wrapping to the occasion. Pay attention to color, sheen, and formality. Your finished product needs to look crisp and professional. Buy an assortment of large and small gift boxes. Use tissue paper, ribbons, and bows in different colors and textures to add pizzazz. Try creating special gift tags to personalize gifts.

3. Shovel Snow

Being efficient will allow you to shovel more snow in less time. Find a shovel with blade and handle sizes that are right for you. Using the wrong type of shovel puts more strain on your body, making the job more difficult. Before starting, spray the shovel with cooking spray so the snow doesn't stick. Also, try not to lift the snow - think of pushing it. When you finish shoveling, spread salt on all the walkways.

4. Polish Silver

Rinse each piece in hot water to remove dust and debris. Spread polish over the silver while it is still warm. After the surface of the silver is completely covered, concentrate on the tarnished areas. Rinse each item, carefully rubbing all the polish off. To prevent streaking and water spots, dry each piece thoroughly with a soft, lint-free rag. Your customers will want to use their silver at holiday parties, so buff each item to an impressively sparkly shine.


1. Clean Windows

After the basic wipe down, polish windows with a soft cotton cloth or a clean chalkboard eraser to give them an extra shine. To help prevent streaking, try wiping one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically. Washing windows on cloudy days also cuts down on streaks. You can repair small scratches in the glass by rubbing them with toothpaste.

2. Babysit Outside the Box

Successful babysitting is all about being creative. Pay attention to the likes and dislikes of the children you babysit, and plan fun, unique activities that spark their interests. Do something new each time you babysit - throw a tea party, draw a treasure map, or build a fort. Do things that will help the children remember you and request you the next time their parents go out.

3. Garden

Start your gardening business early in the year. You can help set up gardens, prepare ground, plan watering systems, and plant seeds. Later in the year, you can weed and tend the garden or offer your services doing other kinds of yard work.

Try to do your gardening work in the mornings. The soil will usually be damp, making it easier to weed.

4. Create a Dog Care Center

To draw customers in, advertise all the things you can do to make pooch care easier for them. Try creating a salon for dogs: offer to wash, brush, and groom them. You could also organize a dog-walking service or try your hand at cleaning out cages and kennels. If you are an animal lover, expand this business to fit the needs of any type of pet.

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