Seek After the Ideal: Eternal Marriage

I frequently look back on the beginnings of our married life and beyond in awe. How did we manage to develop such a strong bond of friendship as we muddled our way through life? I believe it was a direct result of personal intentions we each held to. The first was that we both determined as youth to marry in the House of the Lord. That in and of itself offered the best and surest protection for our marriage. It was never a guarantee, but when two people exercise their agencies in personal righteousness and are joined within a sacred, eternal covenant within the priesthood of God, nothing, absolutely nothing but free will, can break their bond. There were other principles that were or have become important to us, and we have tried to keep a focus on them throughout the years our marriage has continued to mature.

• Love the Lord FIRST

• Don’t disparage your spouse to anyone. Ever.

• Say, “I love you more.” A lot.

• Forgive. A lot.

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