Seek and ye shall find: Family History revisited

My family has always been enthusiastic about family history, which means that amidst stacks of research and completed temple work there is very little left to do. Still, some mysteries remain. A self-proclaimed family history novice, I wondered how my great-great-great-grandparents from the Isle of Jersey joined the Church when they reportedly knew no other language besides their native French. Other factors of their life beyond birth and death dates were still a mystery, too. I set off for the newly dedicated Church History Library at 15 E. North Temple in Salt Lake City to find the answers.

It should be noted that the Church History Library is for people like me, looking to add figurative flesh to the bones of their ancestors. For research about dates or names, there is the Family History Library on 35 N. West Temple. When visiting the Church History Library, try to bring as much information as possible. Names alone might not be enough to find the correct ancestor. When searching, try entering in names, dates, places of birth or death, etc. Be creative and don't give up.

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