Senator Hatch credits successes to his BYU college years

by | Oct. 23, 2009

Mormons We Know

During his first two years at BYU — long before he became a U.S. senator — Orrin Hatch went on two dates.

And the women asked him.

"I didn't feel like I had good enough clothes," he said Thursday at Brigham Young University. "I certainly didn't have money to take girls on dates. I was ashamed to even ask them, I thought I was going to be turned down."

Despite such humble beginnings, the Utah Republican senator said he loves BYU not only for the education he received, and the fact that he met his wife, Elaine, in an astronomy class, but also because of the preparation for an LDS mission, which dramatically shaped his future.

"I couldn't have been anywhere near the missionary I was had I not gone to the religion classes at BYU," he said. "Had I not had these experiences at BYU, I don't believe my mission would be nearly as successful as it was. And I don't believe I would have decided to become a lawyer."

Hatch was honored Thursday as the 2009 distinguished graduate from the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, as part of homecoming week celebrations.

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