September Sharing Time

*Preparation:* On a sheet of poster paper create a game board labeled "Service" with a series of 10 to 14 large heart outlines as the spaces. Each heart leads to the next, winding from the bottom of the poster to the top. Cut an equal number of heart shapes from paper to fill in the spaces on the game board. Select 5 to 7 songs listed under Service (p. 311) or Kindness (p. 308) in the Children's Songbook index. Choose songs that the children in your ward will be familiar with. Ask the pianist to be prepared to play the songs you have selected or obtain the Children's Songbook CDs and a CD player. *Presentation:* Show the children the game board. Explain that they want to reach the top and the way they can do that is to listen carefully to some musical clues. Play "name that tune" by having the pianist play the first few notes of a primary song (or playing the first few notes on the CD). Have the children raise their hand when they know what song is being played. When the children correctly identify the song, add a heart shape to the next heart outline on the poster. Have the children sing the song, then ask them what kind of service that song teaches us about (missionary, helping mother, showing love, caring for those in need, sharing, etc.). When they name the service, add another heart shape to the game board. Encourage the children to share examples of when they have given or received this kind of service. Keep playing until the entire game board is filled with hearts. Bear testimony that being of service to others is a way to show love to them and to our Father in Heaven.
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