Should He Spend More?

Dear Dave,

My husband makes significantly more money in his job than I do in mine. Since he makes more, he feels he should be able to spend more. He wants to set up an account where we both put 20 percent of our income for discretionary spending. Of course, his 20 percent would be more than my 20 percent, and I feel like we should both put in the same amount. What do you think?


Dear Lisa,

I'm sure your husband is basically a decent guy, but he's really being selfish and immature about this situation. It's a very bad plan. My wife is pretty gentle and forgiving, but if tried that mess at home she'd get very un-gentle in a hurry!

Think about it this way. There are lots of families out there where only one person works outside the home and generates income. Would it be fair to say that whoever brings home a paycheck is the only one who can have fun spending a little money once in a while? Of course not! When you two were married, the preacher pronounced you "as one." That means you have one income, and that's our income; just like it's our house, our kids or our dogs. Marriage is not a "me" proposition, it's always a "we" thing. And it sounds like your husband needs to be reminded of this!

- Dave

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