Silly Gas Move!

Dear Dave, I drive 120 miles a day to and from work in an old, paid-for SUV that gets 14 miles per gallon. I've done the math and calculated that I would save $437 a month driving a vehicle that gets 30 miles per gallon. The SUV is worth $6,100. Should I trade in the SUV toward a new, small car and put the gas savings toward the payments? Michelle Dear Michelle, No way! Why on earth would you want to pick up a car payment again when you've got $6,100 to work with? I'm all for saving money on gas - especially with fuel prices being where they are now. But why not sell the SUV and use the $6,100 to buy a nice little gas-sipper? And please, don't try to tell me that you can't find a great used car - one with decent mileage that gets a whole lot better than 14 miles per gallon - for that kind of money. There's not a chance under the sun that I'd recommend you pick up a car payment, Michelle. Sell the SUV, find yourself a good little $6,000 car and keep your money in YOUR pocket! Dave
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