Sky High Insurance Rates!

Dear Dave, My daughter is 16, and has just started driving. She has a part-time job and budgets her money, too. But ever since she got behind the wheel our insurance rates have been through the roof. She's going to pay her portion, but is there anything we can do to lower the cost without going completely bare bones on coverage? Barbara Dear Barbara, I know exactly where you're coming from. I've got one of those animals called a 16-year-old in my house, too. Never go bare bones with a teenager behind the wheel. You need good, high-liability amounts of coverage. Liability is the best buy across the insurance world today, and that includes car insurance. It really doesn't change the pricing very much, either, to run heavy on liability. I'd advise looking at a minimum of $500,000. As far as bringing the price down, some companies give discounts for kids who complete a driver's education course at school. There are even some companies that will give you a break if they're on the honor roll consistently. About the only other thing you can do is get a high deductible. Dave
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