Social Networking: Blessings, Curses, and Cautions

Over the past year, I’ve joined the social networking crowd and gotten back in touch with people as far back as elementary school. It has been wonderful! People who I haven’t seen in thirty years are suddenly back in my life, and it has been so much fun to catch up with everyone and to see their families. As I’ve looked at everyone’s profiles, it has reminded me of the great influence many of these people have had in my life. I found one of my first piano teachers, who was a woman I absolutely idolized. I never told her that when I was a kid, but finding her now all these years later I am able to tell her that my love for music largely started with her, and that I have gone on to be a piano teacher myself. I consider it a blessing in my life to be able to get back in touch with people from all periods of my life - people I was very close to at one time but lost touch with, people I didn’t know extremely well but have come to know better now, and yes - even a few Mormon Mommas who I now consider to be my friends too!

Do you find that some things that can be great sources of good can also be great sources of evil? You could say that about the internet in general of course, but I want to speak more specifically about social networking sites.

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