Spiritual Tutoring

The musical number for my ward’s Sacrament Meeting this week was performed by an eleven-year-old girl and her older brother, recently returned from his mission. They sang “Be Still My Soul”, and sung with such purity and sweetness that it took our collective breath away. The sister began, her tone sweet and calm, her pitch flawless. Her brother added a rich baritone that neither overpowered nor faltered. As they sang the Spirit washed over us all with a holy influence – peaceful, pure.

After the meeting I wanted to ask the girl if she took voice lessons, and if not to encourage her to get them if her parents could afford it. Then I wondered how this might sound to an eleven-year-old. Would she think I was suggesting lessons because her voice was not very good, the way we suggest people get lessons to learn a language they can’t speak or to prepare for a test they don’t expect to do well on? Or would she have the maturity and experience to take such a suggestion as a compliment, a statement of my confidence in her talent and potential?

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