Sponsored: 5 Tips to Gift Clothes for Christmas

by | Dec. 08, 2018

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be tricky. We look forward to the holidays as a time to celebrate the Savior’s birth, a chance to enjoy the beautiful décor, and a handy excuse to cheat on our diets. But there’s no denying that Christmas can come with a lot of stress. Beyond regular responsibilities, we now have to fit in shopping, decorating, special events, traveling, and cooking top-of-the-notch meals. That doesn’t even include all the drama that ensues if something doesn’t go according to plan.

That’s right. Stressful.

The American Psychological Association says that among countless other stressors, the pressure that comes with receiving and giving gifts affects fifty-one percent of Americans every year. Fifty-one percent!

But finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be so stressful. Luckily, we at Sweet Salt Clothing have five tips to help reduce the stress that comes from finding the perfect gift.

Clothing is one of the best Christmas presents because it doesn’t have to break the bank. Most every store will have a wide selection of price points, so there’s bound to be something in the budget. At Sweet Salt Clothing, our products are affordable and chic. The clothes at Sweet Salt won’t need to be altered. They’re modest and always stylish. On top of that, there are usually a few stellar sales going on. With a little browsing, you can find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the best clothes for your family and friends this Christmas:

1. Know Their Style 

Do you know that one relative who buys you hideous clothes they claim are “just the cutest?” The number one tip on our list is to not be that oblivious relative.

Whoever you’re shopping for, you should understand their style, their general size, and any preferences they might have. Besides noting what they usually wear, a great way to get to know their style is to shop with them. While they browse the aisles, observe which articles of clothing they linger on and which they point out to you.

To get their sizes, you can always ask, but a more subtle approach would be to check the tags on clothes they already wear. If you don’t have easy access to their closet, enlist the help of a friend or loved one who does. This will help you avoid the awkwardness of buying something in the wrong size. Keep in mind the sizes in some stores tend to run smaller or larger than others. Before shopping, ask a store associate whether the clothes are true to size.

2. Avoid Dying Trends

In the fashion industry, what’s “in” changes all the time. If possible, avoid purchasing a gift that is a passing fad or that you suspect might go out of style in the next few months. Opt for styles that have withstood the test of time, such as floral. Our hi-low maxi dress gets high praise for its eye-catching colors, so it’s sure to be a hot hit among your friends and family. You’ve got to love that cute floral!

3. Purchase a Piece that Will Match Their Existing Wardrobe

If you gift a statement shirt that will only look good with one very specific outfit, then that shirt probably won’t get a lot of use. In fact, your gift might hang in their closet with the price tags still attached for a long time to come. Instead, pick something basic that can go with other pieces in their wardrobe. Dresses are great because they don’t need to go with anything. They are an outfit in and of themselves.

When picking solo tops or bottoms, solids (or pieces that work as solids) make great presents. It is almost a guarantee the top or bottom will match other items in their drawers. If you are set on picking a print, try choosing one that you know will match easily. For example, you could pick a striped cotton top that you know can be dressed down with any pair of blue jeans or dressed up with any plain skirt. Our 3/4 sleeve contrast hem top is a great option to wear with a variety of pants, shorts, and skirts.

4. Shoot for Equality in Price and Condition When Buying for Multiple People

When giving multiple people Christmas clothing, find gifts that are around the same price and condition. Even if you are dealing with very easygoing family members, you can’t guarantee feelings won’t be hurt if they start mentally comparing gifts. Choose to give gifts that will show all the special people in your life that they are equally loved. This can be a tricky one to stick to in some situations, but it can save you a lot of drama.

 5.  Keep the Receipts

In the event your gift doesn’t fit, it’s helpful to have the receipt available for exchanges and returns. You can keep all of the receipts from your shopping in a small folder or box for a month or two. Some stores offer gift receipts that do not include the price of the gift on them. These you can easily slip into the wrapping paper or gift bag for that person to use if they need it.

Your Christmas shopping experience should be a part of the holiday festivities, not just another stressful item on the checklist. Any one of our store associates at Sweet Salt Clothing is ready to help you use these five nifty tips to de-stress and send your family and friends into the new year with a darling new look. 

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