Steve Young's Mom remembers his playing career

My oldest son, Steve, is famous to the general public, but to my husband and me he is just a son who has lived a good life.

As parents, Grit and I make no distinction among our children, even though one of them is a member of both the college and pro-football halls of fame after playing for BYU and the 49ers. We recognize them for their own merits.

When someone asks us. "How is your son?" we reply, "Which one?"

Then, if given the chance, we throw in that we also have a daughter.

I mention Steve because of a Wall Street Journal article Grit handed me the other day headlined, "The Trouble with Tim Tebow."

Now, if you are not a football aficionado, Tebow is a left-handed quarterback who plays at Florida. The sports pundits are questioning if he'll make it in the NFL because -- believe it or not -- southpaws haven't been very successful there.

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