Strength of Youth (Young Men)

I am a youth Sunday School Teacher for children ages 13 and 14. I love teaching Sunday School, it is by far my favorite calling in the church. And 13-year-olds are my favorite age to teach, so I’m in “calling heaven” right now.

In a recent class, I asked each member of my class if there was a time when they knew that God was real and He loved them. I started with the girls, because they looked like they were actually paying attention. Some answered that they felt God’s love while reading the scriptures or after praying intently. The girls gave very good answers. When I looked over to the two boys in my class they were tipping their chairs backward and pushing on the accordion-style wall that separated us from the classroom behind us. One was chomping gum loudly and the other was itching to play with his cell phone. (I don’t allow use of any electronic devices in class.) But when I got to these boys, their chairs settled down and I repeated the question. I addressed them by name and asked: “When did you know that God lives and loves you?”

Almost in unison they replied, “The day I was given the Aaronic Priesthood.”

They took my breath away. My eyes misted up. I had not anticipated such an honest and heartfelt answer from the chair-tipping, gum-chomping dynamic duo.

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