Stupid Tax - Paid!

Dear Dave, Even though we make $70,000 a year, my husband got talked into a department store credit card just to get a discount. He made one purchase of $25, and afterwards he forgot all about the card because he'd never had one before. They wrote down the wrong address on the application, and nine months later we found it had been turned over to a collections agency. With late charges the total due is $285. What do we do? Vicki Dear Vicki, Here's what you're going to do. You're going to write a check for $285 today, and in the space marked "for" you write "dumb behavior by husband"! I'm sorry, but you guys are completely liable for this. And besides, it would cost about $3,000 worth of your time to get these bozos to listen to reason and go away. The next time you go into one of these places and a clerk starts jumping up and down about discounts when you use their credit card, you need to tell them to go jump in the lake! Pay the bill, close the account, and cut up the plastic. This is a perfect example of why I always tell people to stay away from credit cards! Dave
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