Succeeding in a Y/M-Scout calling

Hey gang, now and then we get the chance to actually help one another in the online world. A participant in the BCC community has recently been called to serve as Young Men’s president in his ward and he is feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. He requested assistance and advice, and this is our opportunity to pitch in.

He has asked for any insight we can give into the LDS/BSA relationship — how it began, and how to navigate the narrows between church and scout. He has also wondered how to get the best training, and how to succeed as a YM leader.

I’ll go first, and offer what I can contribute from my own experience. I’ve served multiple times as scoutmaster (that’s why my calling and election has been made sure), and also as YM president. My observations reflect only my own experience. I hope others will offer help if they can.

First, as far as training goes, the church offers very little beyond the Aaronic priesthood manual and Duty to God manual. For scout training, you need to go to your local BSA council. The Youth Protection training is a bare minimum, and the Woodbadge training might be appropriate, depending on your specific calling.

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