Summer Memories

Celebrate the art of photography this summer by taking some of your best photos ever.

Taking pictures like the pros is what we all aspire to, but it can be really frustrating when our pictures don't look anything like the ones in magazines. So to boost your confidence as a photographer, here are a few general guidelines for taking a fantastic photo.

Go by the rule of thirds. Divide your photo into thirds both horizontally and vertically - the subject should usually be placed near the intersecting lines.

Lighting is key. The best times of the day for outside photography are dawn and dusk, when lighting is softer. Try to avoid pictures in the middle of the day, as the lighting is harsh and will wash out your subject. Cloudy days work best.

The flash is your friend. Most people use the flash only while indoors. In reality, using the flash outdoors will help diminish shadows.

Experiment with angles. Add some dynamics to your photo by tilting the camera at a 30 degree angle. This technique looks especially good in action photos.

Get close. Move to an equal plane with whatever you're photographing. For a bold image, move in close and fill the whole screen with the subject. It's a great way to capture an image from a whole new perspective.

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