Swallowing therapy

On Sunday night, I lost it.

It was a combination of lack of sleep, a busy week, fasting (I’m not very good at this) and the effort of trying not to come down with the cold that has infected every two year old in a 20 mile radius of me. I’ve been crashing into bed at absurdly early times, like even before J has gone to bed, and my mouth is full of canker sores. So all in all, I haven’t exactly been my best. And if you’re thinking, ‘Wow, she’s REALLY trying to justify her actions”, well, yes, yes I am. Thanks for asking.

What made me flip my lid was my son yelling at my daughter. He started screaming at her, which in turn made me shout, “Just STOP SHOUTING!!”

Trust me, I’m completely aware of the irony and the total idiocy of my actions.

My outburst brought my family to a complete standstill. My son looked like he was about to cry. My daughter looked confused. And my husband looked a little annoyed. Okay, a lot annoyed.

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