Teach repentence in family home evening

Let me generalize for a minute about parenthood. We all want to be good parents, and we want our children to be happy. We try to teach our children the principles of Christ's gospel so they will make good decisions in a world that grows increasingly wicked. We attend our church meetings, shoot for daily scripture study and prayer, and try to hold family home evening weekly.

Now, about FHE: What do we teach?

Often we focus on teaching our children to "be good" and to live the commandments so the Holy Ghost can be with and guide them. We talk about "what would Jesus do" and how we can be like Jesus. We warn against sin, against poor choices and about duties and responsibilities as members of Christ's church. We discuss various gospel principles and even practical things like money management or social graces, or we work together in the yard -- groan! We do this, accompanied by family business, singing, treats and fun activities.

This doesn't mean that we do not occasionally wonder why we even bothered to hold FHE because: a) nobody ever listens, b) all the children do is fight and complain, and c) before the night is over everyone has been sent to bed or grounded. And we sometimes muse, "Why don't they give it a better name, like family home agony." Of course, this is offset by special times, fun times, memories of wonderful activities, games, service and killer desserts!

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