Teaching About the Priesthood Ban and Official Declaration 2 in Sunday School

I watched with interest discussions such as this one that involved teaching about the Priesthood Ban in Sunday School as part of Lesson 42 on Continuing Revelation. I was at a party a few weeks ago and talked with the Sunday School president about what I’d been reading and hearing from others about how these lessons were going. I’d had him watch the Nobody Knows documentary a few months ago, and he had liked it, and he thought that a lesson on the topic might be beneficial. I told him that if that’s the direction he felt to go that he should run it by the bishop to make sure he was on board and that if so, I’d be willing to teach it. That Sunday he came back and said that it was a go for December 6, 2009.

So, I prepared by spending some time praying about how to and what to present as well as reading Prince, Kimball, Bush, O’Donovan, and past JI posts [1]. I purchased a .pdf of Ed Kimball’s BYU Studies article and emailed a copy to each ward member, asking them to try and read through some of it before class (fat chance at 70+ pages during finals week, but two or three did get to it and really really liked it). I also sent out a power point presentation that a friend who taught this lesson had put together with relevant quotes and material. I went ahead and sent a copy to my former bishop whose dad had been, once upon a time, affiliated with Dialogue. He got back to me the same day I sent the article out and said that he had just spent “a joyous two hours” reading it.

As I formed my outline Saturday night, I determined that though I would spend a significant amount of time on the ban, ultimately, the lesson would need to focus on the events and the process leading up to the 1978 revelation.

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