Teaching from Daughters in My Kingdom: “Pure Religion” – Watchcare and Ministering through Visiting Teaching (Chapter 7)

"Relief Society sisters exemplify pure religion …. As they visit the fatherless and widow in their afflictions …”

This chapter is all about Visiting Teaching: its history and its components today – and full of stories about women visiting and serving each other in miraculous and powerful ways. These stories are both the strength and weakness of the chapter: strength because there are many (and varied) stories to draw from in discussion, but weakness because they are extraordinary stories rather than ordinary, making them somewhat un-relatable.

The lesson opens strongly with Jesus Christ, our great example of love and kindness. “He showed us how to minister – how to watch over and strengthen one another. His was a ministry to individuals, on by one.” The word “watchcare” is new, but I like because it captures the ideas of loving, knowing, caring, and serving – in the Savior's name.

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