The Life-Changing Message Elder Scott Shared When the Power Went Out in Mozambique

One Latter-day Saint shares a miracle and a metaphor he learned while listening to Elder Richard G. Scott in a dark, sweltering chapel in Mozambique.

When I was serving a mission in Mozambique, Elder Richard G. Scott came to visit the members. During his time there, he spoke at a district conference that we packed with as many people as we could find—both active and inactive members, investigators, and anyone else who was interested in the prospect of hearing a modern day apostle speak.

I was so excited that these people whom I loved so much would get such an incredible opportunity.

Elder Scott got up to speak and had not been speaking long when the power went out—No lights, no microphone, and in the sweltering heat and humidity—no fans. Chaos ensued. People started getting up and walking out. Most others began talking with one another. Almost no one was paying attention to the soft-spoken Elder Scott as he continued to speak.

Lead image from LDS Church News of Elder Richard G. Scott with the Saints in Mozambique.
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