The Body of a Man (Aaronic Priesthood Lesson from 1963)

This lesson from the 1963 manual for Teachers in the Aaronic Priesthood, covers material that I think many women feel is directed only at women in the Church. How does it hold up almost 50 years later? Are these matters still discussed with today’s young men of 14 and 15? (I assume so, but have no contact with young men that age.)

The Body of a Man


To stress the importance of proper respect, treatment, and control of the body as a vital aspect of teachers in the Aaronic Priesthood becoming mature and principled men.


Joseph Smith was not what most people of his day expected a prophet should be. He was a powerful man and a remarkable athlete. There are numerous accounts of his physical prowess and courage. He is known to have bested the top wrestlers of the frontier. While in Ramus, Illinois, he recorded in his journal, “I wrestled with William Wall, the most expert wrestler in Ramus, and threw him.”

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