The Whole Year Through: Relief Society, 1976-77

In the pre-block-meeting days, the Church year began in September in the northern hemisphere, and in February in the southern hemisphere. Relief Society was held on a weekday morning, sometimes with an evening “second session” for sisters who worked outside the home.

The General Board provided, in addition to the visiting teacher messages, five courses of study for the sisters: Spiritual Living; Homemaking; Mother Education; Social Relations; and Cultural Refinement. Sisters could choose between Mother Education and Social Relations depending on which lesson they thought was most relevant to their needs; otherwise, all sisters attended all classes.

Classes were held only eight months of the year: In the summer months, the sisters met one day a month in a “work meeting” – sewing, quilting, canning, or the preparation of crafts for the annual fund-raising bazaar; a short homemaking message was presented during those summer work meetings, but otherwise no lessons were conducted.

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