The awesomest youth object lesson ever

Want to really knock the socks off of your youth with a fun and very different object lesson? Then try out miracle berries.

Miracle berries (or miracle fruit) are a small berry from Africa which contains a protein that temporarily blocks the sour receptors on a person’s tongue. Suddenly, lemons taste like lemonade, grapefruit tastes like candy, and vinegar like soda pop. (Check out some recent NYT and WSJ articles for more description.)

The activity is really fun. The youth watched curiously as the first volunteer tried the miracle berry tablet — and then he ate a whole lemon on the spot. Pretty soon the kids were all lined up, and the large platter of sliced lemons disappeared, as did vinegar, pickles, grapefruit.

Meanwhile the object lesson practically writes itself, and our bishop had a field day with it at the joint fireside on Sunday, repeatedly drawing parallels to the fireside theme that “some temptations make bad things seem good.”

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