The childless woman: some correlation needed

Correlation has a bad name among Bloggernacle participants, I think. We seem to have the impression that the Correlation Department is a pale gray, shadowy bureaucracy, endlessly sanitizing our history and purging our lesson manuals of anything remotely interesting but not suitable for and accessible to the youngest child or the newest convert in the remotest corner of the world.

Personally, I have a far higher opinion of the work they do to vet materials going out with the church’s official imprimatur (and that’s only one part of their work, I realize). My appreciation for this work grows the more I spend time with old lesson manuals and magazines. Much of that early-to-mid-20th century material is wonderful and holds up well under the passage of time. Some of it is fine of itself, but because it is essentially secular doesn’t fit well into our current ideas of the best use of church printing presses.

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