The visiting teaching hierarchy

I do my best visiting teaching when I visit someone who is within five years of my own age. Or someone who’s younger than me. But right now I visit two wonderful women who are twenty and thirty years older than me, and I feel like–I know–that I’m not that great at meeting their needs. If either of them had an emergency, a problem, would they call me? I don’t think so. They’d call their kids, or their friends in the ward who are contemporaries. People their own age, or maybe slightly older, who have been where they’ve been. People who are organic friends, natural friends, as opposed to assigned friends.

I have great talks with the women I visit. I respect and admire them. I have brought them bread. I go every month (sometimes the last week, but still, every month). But there is a gap, a barrier, because they have years of life experience that I cannot know or empathize with fully.

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