Third Article of Faith

by | Jul. 25, 2005


Song: "He Sent His Son" (Children' s Songbook, p. 34.)

Scripture: Article of Faith 1:3


"You should learn while you are young that while the Atonement of Christ applies to humanity in general, the influence of it is individual, very personal, and very useful. Even to you beginners, an understanding of the Atonement is of immediate and very practical value in everyday life."

-- Boyd K. Packer

(Boyd K. Packer, "Washed Clean," Ensign, May 1997, 9.)

Object Lesson:

Show your family an eraser. Ask them to suppose that at the beginning of each school year each student was given an eraser to use. When a mistake was made, the eraser would be used to correct it instead of writing over it or crossing it out. This would allow the student to correct the error and learn from it. It would not be important how much of the eraser was left at the end of the year. What would matter would be that it was used each time it was needed. Therefore, even a student who made many errors could finish the year successfully.

Explain that as children of God we have been given an eraser to take care of our mistakes. It is repentance. It is important that we don't cover up or ignore our shortcomings. We must use the process of repentance to correct the errors in our lives. In the end it will not matter how often we have had to rely on repentance. What will matter is whether we did repent every time it was needed. By doing this we can finish this earth life successfully.

(Beth Lefgren and Jennifer Jackson, More Power Tools for Teaching, [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1991], p. 61.)


Divide the Third Article of Faith into small phrases and copy each phrase onto a different strip of lightweight cardboard. Hand the phrases out to different family members. Have them put the strips in order and read the Article of Faith out loud.

(Shauna Mooney Kawasaki, Sunday Sampler III: We Believe, [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1994], p. 4.)


Show a picture of Christ in Gethsemane and Christ on the cross. Recount the things that happened in these places. Review how Jesus Christ paid for our sins and died for us.

Show a picture of a sacrament tray. Review how taking the sacrament helps us renew our covenants.

Write a thank-you note to the Savior. Tell what you'll do this week to show Him how grateful you are for His sacrifice.

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