Thou hypocrite

My husband’s best friend from high school, Siobhan, arrives for a weekend visit. Reed hasn’t seen her for 20-plus years. We’re all a bit nervous at first, but she’s an instant hit with the kids. Raised Catholic, she’s the sixth of seven children herself, and is curious about our faith. I’m hoping we’ll make a good Mormon impression.

We go to Temple Square on Saturday. As we approach the Main Street plaza gates there are, as usual, several scruffy panhandlers. Reed ponies up some change (our usual practice) and one of the kids hands it to a man who has two stumps for legs. I’m secretly pleased that Siobhan is here to see this little exchange. Points for the family, points for Mormons in general. Maybe she’ll convert.


Walking toward a spot for lunch, we pass more panhandlers. One man holds a sign that reads Out of work. Reed hands him a few coins.

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