Time Out for Women's largest crowd this year

Sweet weather, sweet presenters and messages, sweet attendees, sweet food, sweet spirit, "sweet assurance," the latter Time Out for Women's 2009 theme, was a recipe that worked in a packed -- 3,000 attendees and the largest crowd this year -- Dixie Center Nov. 6-7.

Hope and inspiration came not only through presentations and music, but through stories, videos, pictures, scripture, quotes, laughter, tears and, of course, camaraderie.

"I noticed last night right away the good energy in this group," Mary Ellen Edmunds, author and former director of training at the Mormon missionary training center in Provo, Utah, told the crowd Saturday morning. "Each of you has a story. You touch my soul."

Edmunds, along with Emily Watts, author and senior editor for Deseret Book Co., kept the crowd in stitches laughing mostly at themselves. In her talk "Rest Assured!" Edmonds joked, "Like a good neighbor, Jesus is there," when talking about a life "assurance" policy. "Our advocate is Jesus Christ, who has paid all our premiums."

And Watts got the crowd roaring when talking about "shopping in the air" and finding in a Sky Mall magazine a foot tanner for those who wear socks and whose feet don't see the sun. "A little sunlight for your feet?" she snickered. All kidding aside, Watts spoke about believing, helping and enduring as a mom. "Children are the slowest ripening fruit there is. They ripen at different rates. This truth is Heavenly Father loves my children as much as I do. He loves us individually just as he loves your children individually."

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