Time to go back for stragglers

Epic stories are forever fresh. They hold up no matter how often we tell them. And with each telling, they reveal new insights.

So it is with the epic journey of the Mormon Pioneers.

New lessons are always being learned from that trek.

But maybe we take one of those "pioneer lessons" a little too much to heart.

It is the lesson of the "forward push."

Some sea creatures must keep moving forward or they die. So it was, I think, with the Mormon Pioneers. Some pushed, some pulled, but if they dawdled they died.

Like the thirsty man in the desert pursuing water, they couldn't afford to lose their focus. Many people had to be buried in tear-soaked shallow graves. Many stragglers who simply couldn't keep going abandoned the march. The pioneers were on a quest. Their motto was "wend your way." Their lives depended on their willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

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