Tinseltown comic sticks to good, clean fun for laughs

Timothy Simpson refuses to be the everyday, standard-issue clown.

In fact, he prides himself on being more of a classic cut-up in the category of Red Skelton and Bob Hope.

This Mormon funnyman -- who makes a decent living in Tinseltown telling squeaky-clean jokes -- labels himself as a multitalented comic holding true to righteous principles while others call him a comedy savant.

"Am not! Am too! Well ... I don't want to brag, but what's a genius to do?" he says. "Savants are savvy sillymen who are often considered too sophisticated and intellectual for the masses ... perhaps this is due to our cerebralliotic pretentions and exhausting inventive vocabulariastics?"

"I don't frequent the typical humor subjects or obvious jokes," he said. "I try to be brilliant. Victor Borge was brilliant. Ricky Gervais is my current funny favorite. My all-time favorite was actually Fred Allen. I don't worry about being understood or rocking the house. I don't want whooooooeeee! I want laughs that will leave them chuckling for a lifetime."

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