Top 10 Church News stories of the 20th Century

A questionnaire, in English, was mailed to 900 randomly selected local Church leaders, seminary and institute teachers and Church News subscribers. Of the 900 ballots, 454, or 50 percent, were received in time to tabulate. While recognizing the limitations of such a poll, our editors found it to be an interesting measure of opinion. The following are the top 10 stories with the percentage of those who picked them, and the number of first-place votes each received.

1. Revelation on priesthood: Priesthood extended to all worthy males.

Percentage of the total: 86 percent; Number of first-place votes: 265

2. Temple building: More nations have temples, smaller temples proliferate to reach 100.

Percentage of the total: 59 percent; Number of first-place votes: 24

3. First Presidency: Statements on God, the origin of man; First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve proclamations to the world, including the Proclamation on the Family.

Percentage of the total: 56 percent; Number of first-place votes: 58

4. Scriptures published: New editions of scriptures with helps, new subtitle for Book of Mormon, emphasis on reading, sharing Book of Mormon; many translations; new sections added to Doctrine and Covenants.

Percentage of the total: 53 percent; Number of first-place votes: 29

5. Missionary work: "Every Member a Missionary" and "Every young man should serve a mission" help fuel the increase in missionary force, increase of local missionaries, creation of missionary training centers and the implementation of standard missionary discussions.

Percentage of the total: 41 percent; Number of first-place votes: 13

6. Growth of Church: Internationalization of Church outside Intermountain area to 160 nations including Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean; proliferation of stakes throughout the world.

Percentage of the total: 39 percent; Number of first-place votes: 33

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