Tutoring at BYU is strictly voluntary

Nearly two years after his death, the powerful influence of President Gordon B. Hinckley continues to reverberate on the BYU campus.

In a 1995 devotional at the Marriott Center in Provo, President Hinckley endorsed and advocated the concept of volunteer tutoring.

"Take a little time now and again to reach out to help others," President Hinckley said. "You who are extremely able, you who learn with comparative ease, reach down to those who have greater difficulty in mastering academic material that is relatively easy for you. In so doing you will bless your own life as you bless the lives of those you help.

"A little tutoring can do wonders for someone who does not quite comprehend. It will do wonders for you as you give of yourself and your knowledge to bless another."

Today, BYU's volunteer-based Tutoring Services prominently features those very words from President Hinckley on its Web site in an effort to help persuade students to volunteer.

"For those who are at BYU giving unselfishly of their time to help others, what they're doing is consistent with what President Hinckley said in [his 1995 BYU] devotional," community service coordinator Theodore Okawa said. "It is a blessing to both the tutor as well as the tutee. So those that give are blessed as well as those who receive or are tutored."

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