Understanding the psyche of the cool boys

I have one of those cushy, enviable callings that requires a minimal amount of preparation, no meetings, and no midweek activities; just a big bag of candy and an hour on Sunday mornings. I teach the 16-18-year-old Sunday School class. We meet in the high council room in the basement of our stake center, with me sitting in the stake president’s seat at the head of a long conference table and the kids in a cozy circle all around. All things considered, I love my calling. I love the friendly banter among the kids. I love hearing about the things they’ve done over the weekend. I love listening to them read scriptures and being surprised and impressed by the strength of their testimonies. (I also love getting out of Gospel Doctrine.)

But there’s one thing about my class that keeps me lying awake on Saturday nights: the boys, at least some of them. I’m not totally unfamiliar with teenage boys. I’ve worked as a high school teacher, a college instructor, and a college admissions counselor, all fields where I’ve come into contact with a lot of teenage boys. The nerdy boys, the shy boys, and the sullen boys, I have no problem with them. I have personal experience with nerdy, shy, and sullen. It’s the cool boys who throw me for a loop.

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