Utah has thinnest slice of Federal budget pie

When it comes to dividing the fat federal budget pie, Utah now receives the thinnest slice of any state.

The federal government spent $6,255 per resident in Utah in 2008, dead last among all states, according to a Census Bureau report released Thursday. The spending ranges from salaries of local federal workers to contracts with local companies, Medicare bills, Social Security payments, running military bases and much more.

The slice for Utahns was a third smaller than the average $9,042 that the federal government spent per person nationally in 2008 as the recession was gaining steam, and before the stimulus spending bill was passed.

Utah also dropped from next-to-last in 2007 to dead last in 2008. That happened as the average spent in Utah per resident dropped by $231 in that time. Meanwhile nationally, average spending per resident increased by $703.

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