Vanity run amok and the character of Christ

I like to run in the mornings. But once a week, I go to a bonafide gym to attend a weight training class that kicks my butt.

After the class, I run on the treadmill for 2 miles for as fast as I possibly can. I like to think there are ultimate pacing benefits to this, but mostly I do it because it makes me feel good. Then I pick up my daughter from the gym’s daycare, and we go swimming at the pool. It’s a sacred ritual, and I love it.

This week, we had a different instructor at the class. We were working on our pectoral muscles, and she was showing us how to do the exercise correctly, as doing it wrong, or “cheating”, if you will, could cause injury.

“And I can tell I’m doing it right, well, because, okay, this is too much personal information, I know, but I have implants, and when I do this correctly, my muscles push my breasts into my armpits!” She laughed, and then said, “But hey, I nursed 3 babies for 4 years. I calculated how much money I saved our family by not buying formula, and then told my husband that I earned these.” We did a few more reps, and then she continued.

“I mean, my MIL was horrified. She told me ‘It’s just vanity run amok!’ And I told her that hey, there are people who won’t leave the house without make-up. That’s vanity, too.”

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